Ted Caplow

Ted Caplow, Founder
Ph.D. Columbia (environmental engineering); M.S. Princeton (mechanical and aerospace engineering); B.A. Harvard (sociology)

Formerly a clean energy consultant for Capital-E, LLC, Dr Caplow worked on energy efficiency and carbon offset credits for the California Energy Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy. His environmental expertise also extends to water contaminant dynamics, estuarine dynamics, and effluent management. Ted is Founder of Fish Navy Films which is focused on exploration of aqua-culture and sustainability.

Sidsel Robards

Sidsel Robards, Director of Program Development and Events

Mrs. Robards is one of the founders of The Greenhouse Project. Her main focus include fundraising and events management. In addition, she coordinates the expansion of The Greenhouse Project to other schools, and collaborates with staff on curriculum development. Prior to The Greenhouse Project, Mrs. Robards enjoyed a successful career working as an international model. Born and raised in Denmark, she now lives in New York City with her husband and their children, who attend public school.

Nathaniel Coburn, Development and Program Associate

A former line cook, baker, and chef, Nathaniel sought to merge his passions for food and social justice at New York University’s Food Studies program, where his studies primarily focused on food justice and scalable local distribution systems. Upon completion of his graduate work at NYU, Nathaniel worked as a grant writer and contributing reporter for Heritage Radio Network, a non-profit Brooklyn based internet radio station dedicated to food issues. He also worked as a New York City delivery truck driver for The Fresh Connection, transporting CSA shares and local farm produce to restaurants, homes, and institutions throughout the five boroughs.

Lisa Horwitz, Office Intern

J.D. George Washington University Law School; B.A. Barnard College (Biochemistry)

Lisa is an attorney with a background of biotechnology, grant writing, and project management, both in the context of high-end metal fabrication and legal e-discovery. With loves of science, gardening, food, and the environment, she is currently changing her career to align her professional role more closely with her personal values, namely advancing sustainable environmental progress. She is happy to be supporting NY Sun Works’ efforts to educate the next, more sustainably minded, generation.

August Brennan, Greenhouse Intern

August Brennan is a student currently enrolled in Cornell University’s department of Environmental Engineering. As a self-proclaimed environmentalist and skeptic, I am devoted in the idea of “going green” in ways that retain efficiency and avoid the creation of “green fads”, which are often inimical to the overall goal of environmental technology. I am also interested in entering the fields of the hydroponic industry after my eventual graduation, which helps me to vest his interest in NYSW, and makes retaining the information I learn much easier. My hobbies include gardening, hiking, skateboarding, composing music, cooking, and exploring. I look forward to spending the rest of my summer learning about the cutting edge hydroponic technologies, and the maintenance they require.

Tina Wong, Program Integration Consultant

In addition to her role as a consultant at NYSW, Tina is also the Hydroponic Farm Educator at Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship, P.S.208M, an elementary public school in Harlem, New York, where she cultivates an interest in sustainable science and technology in her students. Since starting her urban farming program with NY Sun Works in 2011, Tina has spoken at the Horticultural Society of New York, Green Schools National Conference, Israeli Ministry of Education and more. She received her certification in hydroponics in 2013 at Boswyck Farms. Prior to P.S.208M, she worked at a change management consulting firm as a Project Specialist and Meeting and Event Planner. A native New Yorker, Tina dedicates her personal time in serving her community on numerous volunteer projects as a Team Leader for New York Cares. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Business Administration from Boston University.


Manuela Zamora

Manuela Zamora, Executive Director
Director of Education Programs
M.Ed. Cambridge College; B.A. Universidad Mayor de San Andres (History)

Ms. Zamora is a consultant in gender, education and development. She was born and raised in Bolivia, where she studied history, before earning a Master’s Degree in Education from Cambridge College in 2001. In Bolivia, she was founder of Fundación Carmen, where she created El Dorado: the Route of Fair Trade, a program that promoted sustainable development by training low-income women artisans in production and marketing. Prior to her work with Fundación Carmen, she coordinated the division of cultural events and volunteer programs in the Office of the First Lady of Bolivia. Manuela lives now in New York City with her husband and two children who attend public school. She is one of the founders of The Greenhouse Project.

Ashley King, Greenhouse Project Manager

Ashley King’s background is heavily rooted in hydroponic growing systems and alternative, urban agriculture. While studying bioresource engineering at McGill University, Ms. King worked on a family farm in Massachusetts before joining New York Sun Works’s The Science Barge. Here, Ms. King started as a sustainable systems intern, where she learned the basics of hydroponic agriculture and systems engineering. This cultivated her interest in combining the two fields, agriculture and engineering, in an urban environment. Ms. King was a researcher at The Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas. During her stay she aided the management of their aquaponics system and construction of the system’s expansion.

Karl Nicoleau, Greenhouse Intern

Currently going to enter my last year at the University at Albany as an Environmental Science major. Hopefully by graduation, I’ll have my career plans/life figured out. Until then, I’m just going to try to bring awareness to sustainable living to Queens, NY in my own personal way and style.

Gabriela Krol, Greenhouse Intern

Gabby is a junior at McGill University in Montreal, Canada studying Microbiology with a minor in Human Nutrition. She has always been interested in science and hopes to pursue a career in epidemiology after graduating from McGill. After taking an environment course at McGill she became interested in how the urban environment affects people. She is excited to be a part of NY Sun works and hopes to learn more about sustainable urban farming.

Jasmine Holder, Greenhouse Intern

If anyone ever took a quick glance at my university course schedule I doubt they’d ever fathom up the idea of what I aspire to do. Nor would they see the correlation between my bachelors program (Business Economics at Montclair State University) and my internship/job pursuits. My vision is to inform others on what a magnificent piece of art our bodies & world is & how we may lead a healthy abundant lifestyle through sustainable agricultural methods. Our earth contains the purest and most potent forms of natural healing remedies. I want to help spread a lifestyle that doesn’t isolate or fragment the body into different sections, but instead treats it as a single functioning system that grows in harmonic balance with the growth of our natural rustic world.