Additional Curriculum - The Greenhouse Project Community Almanac

The Greenhouse Project Community Almanac is a collaborative, citizen-science resource and curriculum developed by New York Sun Works in partnership with the Manhattan School for Children. It is inspired by the classic structure of a Farmer’s Almanac and based on essential questions that complement NYC Science Standards.

Our curriculum introduces students to cutting-edge technology and connects science and the environment through the lens of sustainable urban farming. Our objective is to inspire students to ask questions, investigate systems, make predictions, and design solutions while meeting and exceeding NYC Science Standards.


The Greenhouse Project’s Community Almanac is available to educators at our Teacher Training and Professional Development Program as well as to partners schools of the NYSW Greenhouses Initiative.

The Greenhouse Project Community Almanac’s curriculum is divided into three main sections, or blocks:

Block One: Grades K-3rd
Taking Root: Planning and Planting Seeds

Block One provides an introduction to plants, animals and natural systems. The themes of this unit are centered on ecological systems and processes. Students will be encouraged to investigate where life-forms come from, how they begin to grow, and what is needed to start a life cycle. Artificial systems are contrasted with natural systems to initiate an understanding of technology’s role in creatively shaping our shared environment.

Block Two: Grades 4 to 6
Branching Out: Growth and Exploration

Block Two focuses on a better understanding of the natural and the built environment. Students are encouraged to explore their local community and understand interactions between the climate, plants, soil and other ecological variables through field studies and hands-on activities. Neighborhood walks and connections to other regions of the world will help students understand a bigger picture of ecology and the power of science to help answer many of the essential questions prompted in this unit.

Block Three: Grades 7 to 8
Community Harvest: Sharing with the Community

Block Three focuses on contemporary issues of sustainability and ecology. This unit stresses critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving to address urban issues related to the environment. The unit will cover various cases studies of human impact affecting the local and global environment, ranging from water quality to climate change. Sustainable agricultural techniques will be used as an example, and students will work to develop solutions for local problems using art, design and new technologies.