A Summer of Builds

As the school year has wound down, the NY Sun Works team has worked with our partners to close up most of our hydroponic farm classrooms for the summer break. One of the many benefits of growing food hydroponically is that the growing season matches the school year, so students can grow from September all the way through June, then put their farms to rest during the long summer break. Unless there are fish involved, of course! Our Greenhouse Support Team continues to visit schools with aquaponics year-round, as well as schools that use their labs for summer programming.

But the summer is not a quiet time for the NY Sun Works Greenhouse Support Team. Instead, our team uses the summer months to install new hydroponic labs and jump-start new partnerships. Our team is on target to build as many as 30 new farm classrooms throughout the city – from the Eastchester section of the Bronx to South Richmond Hill in Queens and all the way to Coney Island in Brooklyn. Our partnerships are also growing beyond the 5 boroughs to Union City, NJ, and Chappaqua, NY.  We look forward to getting these new labs – and partnerships – growing in the fall!