Election Day Professional Development

On November 6, 2018, NY Sun Works hosted a day of development for all K-5 partner teachers. Discussions centered on the new programs and platform which have been specifically designed according to the new NYC Science Scope and Sequence.

Some of the teachers who joined were brand new partners and others have been integrating hydroponic sustainability science into their school program for years. But regardless of level or experience, we all learned a lot about the process of keeping a working farm up and running within the context of a science lab. By the end of the day, we felt confident all of our partner teachers were ready to inspire their students to become active citizens and Farmer Scientists who engage in positive and meaningful environmental change.

We reviewed both the NY Sun Works Farming Foundations and the GHC Connect programs as they link to any and all regular programming as well as the new standards. Teachers were also given a tutorial on how to access all curriculum and video tutorials on our online Learning Center. Some teachers brought their own ideas and worksheets to share with the group. A special thank you to all our contributors! Lastly, we did a hands-on activity on geotropism and read one of the amazing NY Sun Works Reports together, a wonderful teaching tool for our partner schools.

We shared a few laughs, delicious lunch, and many great ideas–are already looking forward to our next all-day training session! Stay tuned!