Announcing the Partner Teacher Community Carnival!

On October 18th, NY Sun Works is excited to invite partner teachers from around NYC to join us for our first-ever Teacher Community Carnival! Hosted at Project Farmhouse in Union Square from 4:30 to 7:30 PM, come as our guest and enjoy food, beverages, and themed carnival games as we announce the official launch of our online Teacher Community on Circle. We’ll also shout out the teachers who received our NY Sun Works Educator Certification, and celebrate the successful start of another amazing school year. 

As our partner teachers continue cultivating both classroom crops and the farmer-scientists who grow them, we also want to foster a sense of community, personal growth, and positive engagement for the in-school educators who make our work possible. Over the coming months, NY Sun Works affiliated teachers can expect at least one opportunity each month to connect with others teaching in our program, either virtually or in person, through professional development opportunities, constructive workshops, and casual teacher connectivity events.

Every teacher in our program goes above and beyond for the sake of the students in their classroom, adding urban farming skill sets to their already extensive teaching tool repertoire. We want to honor the hard work, personal sacrifice, and genuine passion partner teachers have brought to our program by providing spaces for teachers to share stories, tips and tricks, and advice with peers who run hydroponic classrooms of their own. Our online Teacher Community will allow educators to participate in discussions that transcend not only their school, but grade level, borough, and pedagogical approach. 

Partner teachers interested in RSVP’ing should check their email inbox for further information and a registration link. We hope to see you there!