University-Level Partnership with NMU

In a first, NY Sun Works has teamed up with Northern Michigan University (NMU) to help them launch a new multidisciplinary indoor agriculture associate degree this fall.  NY Sun Works designed a hydroponic science lab for the program and team members traveled to Michigan to install the equipment and provide training to the NMU staff.  The program will prepare students for careers in agricultural food production, as well as the indoor growing system industry. It will also empower them to grow plants year-round in northern climates, addressing potential food insecurity issues. Students had their first lab session on August 25, and they loved it. They asked many great questions and are very ready to dig in.  An Asst. Professor developing this new curriculum wrote:

“I want to tell you how impressed I am with the NYSW curriculum. As I develop the first three Indoor Agriculture courses, I am continuously inspired by the content presented and the pedagogy built in to deliver the lessons. I have been deeply engaged in Next Generation Science for the last couple of years, and the NYSW curriculum is authentic to the intention of three-dimensional learning. Thank you!”