Dyaami D'Orazio

Junior Hydroponic Classroom Operations Specialist

Dyaami is an herbalist, gardener, and farmer in training. Raised all over the Bronx (unceded Lenape land), Dyaami has developed a deep understanding of food justice, barriers to land access and growing space, and is moved to work in this field to enhance the connection between people and nature to create a sustainable future. Dyaami encourages folks of all ages to grow their own food, test their soil, learn about hydroponics, and appreciate the interconnectedness between people and the earth. Dyaami attended Oberlin College, apprenticed at Sacred Vibes Apothecary, and is part of the Farm School NYC community. Dyaami appreciates NYSW for the way they share knowledge and care to teachers, students, plants, and classrooms all over NYC and NJ – ¡pa’lante!