Laura Sametz, Secretary

Laura Sametz is an actress and a sustainability education advocate. What began as a love for gardening and desire to green her family’s environment turned into a passion for environmental issues and child advocacy. After she created the Healthy Child, Healthy Planet Green Committee at her son’s public school in 2007, other green education initiatives soon followed. As one of the first parents to remove Styrofoam lunchroom trays from their child’s NYCpublic school cafeteria, Laura attempted numerous times to find composting alternatives. Laura is one of the five parents who created a composting pilot program in nine District 3 schools. The pilot, which ran from February – June 2012, diverted 85% of waste destined for landfills and decreased the number of garbage bags from 54 to 8. The Dept. of Education and the Department of Sanitation has since adopted and expanded this pilot to 300 schools as well as private residences