Marisa Brasor

Marisa Brasor is a creative and pragmatic strategist, who specializes in securing funding
and strengthening programs that drive positive outcomes for society. She brings over
two decades of professional experience in philanthropic partnerships, strategic
planning, policy, and marketing for complex regional and multinational organizations.
She believes in creating healthy spaces for people and the environment to not only
coexist but thrive, which is reflected in both her professional and community life.
Her career has spanned the international environment and health sectors, blending her
skills in advocacy and program development with her abilities to raise resources and
awareness for important causes. Marisa has led fundraising programs for The Nature
Conservancy (in Europe), The Pew Charitable Trusts, the World Resources Institute,
and the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Prior to that, she held roles at CCS
Fundraising Consultants, the National Parks Conservation Association, and the Public
Broadcasting System (PBS). She has also advised and consulted on fundraising
strategies for various international development, art, education, and community
outreach projects in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.