The CS HydroFarm


The Computer School is a public middle School located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side serving 410 students.

In 1983, a new school was born in the basement of The O’Shea complex on W. 77th Street. Premised on the notion that technology could be a vibrant teaching tool, The Computer School was one of the first schools to integrate computers into the classroom, while providing a rigorous, innovative and broad-based curriculum to its students.

Today, the school’s premise is a given: computers are an integral part of the classroom – and the school’s name, which reflects its pioneering philosophy, tells only part of the story.The Computer School, with its 350+ students, offers the intimacy of a small school with the curricular depth of a larger school. It produces self-sufficient, inquiring citizens with a healthy skepticism about what they hear. It is a nurturing environment and a thriving community that students long remember.

Finished in June of 2012, The CS HydroFarm is a former science room converted into a hydroponic science lab. The classroom offers similar opportunities and hands-on approach to science education than in a full scale Greenhouse Project Greenhouse lab.

Ethnicity 44%White 21% Black 25% Hispanic 9% Asian
Free Lunch 28%

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