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STEM Hydroponic Kits

A Gateway to Urban Farming as a Sustainability Concept

NY Sun Works’ STEM Hydroponic Kits enable K-12 students to build and learn from an individual passive hydroponic system using only the contents of our lunchbox-sized kits and an upcycled  plastic bottle. Supported by our grade band-specific curriculum, students and teachers explore topics ranging from the basics of growing food hydroponically to developing advanced scientific skills such as observation and data collection. The kits can be used for instruction in the classroom or at home and are a compact, portable, and affordable way to engage students in hands-on science and sustainability education.

Your school does not need to be a partner school or be based in New York to purchase our kits. 

Backed By Research

In 2020, Knology, a social science research organization, assessed the impact of our STEM kits and the Discovering Sustainability Science Curriculum. The program significantly improved students’ scientific knowledge, critical thinking, and social-emotional well-being, mirroring the benefits of a physical Hydroponic Classroom.

Embark on a Scientific Journey

Our comprehensive curriculum, comprising 10 to 13 grade-specific lesson plans, fuels students’ scientific curiosity. Guided by teachers, students embark on an exciting journey of growth and exploration over the course of two months. Each kit includes 5 seed varieties, growing medium, nutrients, an instruction manual, and the necessary supplies to conduct scientific experiments. Teachers receive support through our Learning Center online hub and virtual training sessions hosted by our education specialists.

Lesson Plan Topics Include:

  • Starting seeds in hydroponic substrate
  • Caring for crops: monitoring pH balance and nutrient control
  • Personal crop calendar to monitor plant growth
  • Plant parts, function, and life cycle
  • And MORE!

Ordering Made Easy

  • Available in multiples of 35 (e.g., 35, 70, 105)
  • $15 per kit + 10% shipping
  • 1 kit per student (plus 1 per teacher) recommended, but one kit can accommodate 2 to 3 students if necessary
  • Includes curriculum access and virtual training sessions

STEM Kits are currently out of stock. Please check back again in the future to see if we have new kits and Info Sessions available!

Discover how to seamlessly integrate STEM Hydroponic Kits into your lessons by attending a virtual information session or Contact Us to learn more.


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