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Teacher Training and Program Implementation

At NY Sun Works, we are dedicated to the success of every partner school. Upon joining our network, you will receive comprehensive training that equips you to confidently teach the science of sustainability and climate education curriculum, while effectively managing your hydroponic systems and crop harvests.

Our K-12 programming is collaboratively designed by our education specialists and partner school teachers. NY Sun Works education specialists, who have advanced teaching and science degrees and extensive classroom experience, thoughtfully tailor our programming to each grade level. Our curriculum aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and provides partner educators with easy access to comprehensive resources that can meet the teaching needs of the diverse array of partner schools. Our education team also provides one-on-one professional learning sessions with new teachers joining the NY Sun Works program to ensure they have the knowledge and support to successfully integrate the Discovering Sustainability Science curriculum into their classroom teaching.

two ny sun works staff members take a close look at plants growing in a hydroponic NFT system using handheld magnifying lenses

Supporting the operation of the lab, our Grow Support Team (GST) members visit each Hydroponic Classroom at least once a week, providing the guidance, maintenance, and confidence teachers need to easily navigate their hydroponic systems. With diverse backgrounds in sustainability and agriculture, our urban farming experts guide teachers through the growing process from seed-to-harvest while troubleshooting any farming challenges the class may encounter. This comprehensive farming support is provided through a minimum of one school year, but can continue in year two and beyond for as long as the teacher needs.   

Our commitment to teacher support extends beyond classroom walls through year-round professional development opportunities that continue to build knowledge and foster collaboration. Our education team hosts specialized professional learning sessions with the collective goal of maximizing teacher confidence in the Hydroponic Classroom and the implementation of best practices. Through our online Learning Center, partner teachers have 24/7 access to curriculum and training videos, as well as other supplementary resources including student journal pages, field trip guides, and more! The Learning Center also hosts our online Teacher Community, a forum where educators of any grade level can share ideas and discuss challenges alongside fellow partner teachers with the goal of fostering experimentation and deepening teacher expertise across grade levels.

Visit our Upcoming Events section to learn more about professional development opportunities.


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