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How It Works

NY Sun Works is a non-profit organization that builds Hydroponic Classrooms in K-12 schools to teach the science of sustainability and climate education through the lens of urban farming. Our cost-effective and comprehensive programming includes long-term training and support.

Our science labs are equipped with a curated selection of hydroponic farming technologies to provide grade specific, year-round, project-based environmental science education. While they grow food right in the classroom, students are transformed into Farmer Scientists, learning science and sustainability concepts such as plant biology, ecology, hydroponic technology, how humans impact the environment, climate change, nutrition, conservation, and sustainable development. The Hydroponic Classroom operates as an integrated part of the school’s curriculum during the regular school day and prepares children to exceed NYC’s science standards.

an indoor hydroponic classroom complete with vine crop, tower, and nutrient film technique systems

We Convert an Existing Classroom into a Hands-On Learning Space

NY Sun Works retrofits school classrooms and transforms them into high-tech farming and educational spaces where students explore a new way of learning while growing food from seed-to-harvest. Incorporating these innovative technologies into existing teaching spaces is a cost-effective way to bring hands-on, experiential learning to city schools. NY Sun Works will determine classroom feasibility and design the layout of the hydroponic systems. Each Hydroponic Classroom includes:

  • Hydroponic Growing Systems (several systems integrating different technologies)
  • Year-Long, Standards-Aligned Science (Grade-Specific) Curriculum
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training and Mentoring
  • Technical Training on Use of Hydroponic Technology
  • Community Engagement via our Harvest Program
  • Year-Round Maintenance Support by NY Sun Works Staff

NY Sun Works Provides Training, Curriculum and Comprehensive Support

Professional Development:

NY Sun Works provides one-on-one and group training sessions with our curriculum specialists to help teachers integrate the Discovering Sustainability Science curriculum into their current school program.

Comprehensive Standards Aligned K-12 Curriculum:

NY Sun Works provides a year-round, innovative, grade-specific interdisciplinary science curriculum, housed in the online Learning Center. Our lesson plans are thoughtfully designed to transform students into Farmer Scientists to explore the intricate connection between humans, technology, and the environment and their direct relationship to climate change – all while growing hundreds of pounds of fresh produce to share with their families and school communities.

Weekly Support Visits: 

NY Sun Works Hydroponic Specialists provide weekly support visits to our partner schools to help maintain the Hydroponic Classrooms, provide all necessary supplies, and mentor teachers throughout the school year.

Community Engagement:

NY Sun Works will work with your school to “bring the harvest home,” extending the concepts learned in the Hydroponic Classroom to the larger community. Through the Harvest Program, students and their families receive regular distributions of the fresh produce grown in the classroom.

Program Funding and Information Sessions:

Funding can come from a variety of sources: Capital Grants from local elected officials, school budgets, small grants, parent fundraising/crowdfunding, or corporate partnerships.

*NY Sun Works is a DOE Vendor: # NEW670312-01

Discover how to seamlessly integrate NY Sun Works curriculum into your lessons. Join our virtual session to learn more. Check out our Upcoming Events for details.


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