Bregal/COFRA Foundation funds another NY Sun Works Hydroponic Classroom

On Saturday January 11, 2020, volunteers from the Bregal/COFRA Foundation, NY Sun Works, and P.S. 59 William Floyd came together to build a Hydroponic Greenhouse Classroom…in just ONE day! The Principal and Assistant Principal expressed warm words of gratitude: “Our job is not just about teaching how to achieve on the state exams. We want to help our students unearth their passions. Having a cutting edge hydroponics lab from NY Sun Works here at P.S. 59 will help us provide a fantastic group of deserving students the kind of immersive, hands on learning experiences they need to do just that. We are grateful for the generous donation and volunteer support from the Bregal/COFRA Foundation. From the hydroponic lab they purchased and built for us at P.S. 59, we plan to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, and a love of science. Thank you!”

NY Sun Works team was on hand to support and guide the build out, which included several hydroponic systems including buckets systems for Vines, NFT and Tower Gardens for leafy greens, as well as a compost and IPM corner for beneficial insects. NY Sun Works is grateful to Bregal/COFRA for their tremendous and ongoing support, and is so excited to welcome P.S. 59 William Floyd to the Greenhouse Project family!