HOME KITS: NY Sun Works Launches STEM Kits for Public School Students

NY Sun Works is providing Home Hydroponic Kits to students in our partner schools so they have the science supplies they need for at-home learning.  The kits are designed to engage students in topics they would otherwise learn about in the Greenhouse Classrooms and will enable students, with teacher guidance, to grow, study, and run investigations with plants and practice their observation and data collection skills at home. 

Each kit costs only $12 and contains:

  • A seeding tray
  • 5 seed varieties (calendula, green basil, kale, swiss chard, and pole beans)
  • Plant nutrients
  • pH strips and a pH color key for testing nutrient levels
  • Cotton wicks for designing a wick hydroponic system
  • A guide to the seeds in the kit
  • Instruction cards for how to get started with the seeds, how to care for the seedlings, and how to build a DIY wick system using recycled materials.  

Schools interested in requesting kits can complete this form here.  And for all of our supporters, please make a contribution here so we can supply as many kits as needed and help give students a successful learning experience from home this fall!