Hydroponic STEM Kits Will Be Back This Fall!

“When I get a hydroponics kit and become a farmer scientist I will be feeling excited because it’s been so long since I’ve done science. I think I will learn a lot about plants and what they need to grow.” 

Looking for a compact and hands-on way to teach science in the classroom?  NY Sun Works has the answer.  By resounding request from teachers across our partner schools, our Hydroponic STEM Kits will be back in September as a project-based resource for science & sustainability education.  Paired with our kit-specific science lessons, students can use the kits to study and run science investigations as well as practice observation, data collection, and other critical STEM skills — all while growing edible greens and beans!   Pre-order and more information will be coming in early August.

We launched the Hydroponic STEM Kit initiative in September 2020 as a way to support remote learning during Covid.  Now, having assembled and delivered 12,500 kits to students across 79 schools, we’re so happy to have created a learning tool that supports both classroom and remote learning and we look forward to seeing what students grow next year!