NY Sun Works Collaborates with Guggenheim Museum on College Practicum

NY Sun Works has been invited to collaborate with the Guggenheim Museum as a partner in their College Practicum.  The Practicum, which will run through Fall 2020, is designed to foster connections between students and leading experts through an interdisciplinary exploration of current events. As a partner organization, the NY Sun Works team will be sharing our expertise and real-world perspective with this select group of college and graduate students as they investigate pressing, current questions such as:

  1. How are leaders in fields like art, architecture, science, and other disciplines addressing contemporary global issues relating to the environment? 
  2. How can we explore and amplify the intersection of climate change, social justice, and artistic or creative practice? 
  3. How can we use an interdisciplinary approach to innovate and co-create solutions to the problems facing our world?

The students come from a range of disciplines, including science and engineering, journalism, and art, and will share the results of their research this fall, with presentations via the Guggenheim’s digital platform.