NY Sun Works Donation of Fresh Vegetables to Community Center

In an exciting partnership with Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer’s office, NY Sun Works donated approximately 40 pounds of fresh vegetables to Goddard Riverside’s Phelps House, a community center.  The lettuce, arugula, bok choy and basil were grown in the non-profit’s flagship hydroponic greenhouse at PS 333 Manhattan School for Children.  PS 333’s Principal Claire Lowenstein was excited to participate in the harvest and proud that her school community could provide fresh food to neighbors in need. 

This is part of NY Sun Works’s efforts to help schools and communities facing food insecurity to provide fresh vegetables to those in need.  With the covid-19 school scheduling changes, schools that are unable to use their hydroponic labs for in-person learning have the option to run their hydroponic lab as an urban farm.  The average school lab can grow up to 25 lbs per 6-week harvest, which is a LOT of lettuce!  

Another Manhattan school is eager to join in this effort.  “I think it’s amazing that the lab can provide food for families.  The PTA is already coming up with bags of groceries.  The fact that a program like NY Sun Works can step in and not only teach kids about hydroponics but also provide food for families in need is priceless,” shared the hydroponic lab teacher.