NY Sun Works Hosts Virtual Science and Sustainability Youth Conference for 2020

Check out the amazing presentations from this year’s students and guest speakers!

Let’s Flood Freddie! – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Does Mulch Color Really Have A Beneficial Effect On Bean Plant Growth? – St. Saviour High School
DIY Hydroponics – West End Secondary School
Brassica Oleracea: The Vegetable Miracle – PS 199 Jesse Isidor Straus
Gotham Greens – Jenn Frymark: Chief Greenhouse Officer
The Steer of Sustainability in School Communities – Edward R. Murrow High School
Doomsday Vault – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Creating the Optimum Environment for Thalissia Testudinum Growth –  Edward R. Murrow High School
The Effect of Temperature on Plant Growth – St. Saviour High School
Hydroponics at Home – West End Secondary school
Why Grow Plants in Space? – Gioia Massa, NASA
Terracycling: Recycling the Non-recyclable at MSC – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Bioremediation of Gowanus Canal Water: A Riparian Buffer Approach – Edward R Murrow High School
Microplastics: Small Things Big Problems – PS 199 Jesse Isidor Straus
The Story of My Plastic – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Creating a Hydroponics System from Recycled Materials – St. Saviour High School
Organic “Wastes”: A Valuable Resource for a Sustainable Energy Future – Kyle Jeremiah and Phil Vos, Energy Vision
The Effect of Music on Plants – St. Saviour High School
Science At Home – K377 Alejandrina B. De Gautier
Mimosa Pudica As a Plant-based Sensor for Spinal Cord Stimulator – Edward R Murrow High School
Recycling Rockwool – K176 The Ovington School