NY Sun Works Presents at National Education Conference

Director of Program Development Megan Nordgrén shares information about NY Sun Works and our mission with conference attendees.

NY Sun Works was honored to present at this year’s North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) Conference. Executive Director Manuela Zamora and Director of Program Development Megan Nordgrén attended in person in Arizona, alongside numerous other sustainability and education icons such as Kimberly Noble of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer of SUNY, Jerri Taylor of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Tucson mayor and environmental champion Regina Romero.

The first in-person conference held by the NAAEE in three years, this event’s focus lay squarely on the powerful role education plays in creating healthier, more sustainable communities. Attendees tackled today’s complex environmental and social issues and dove into vital topics in the field, such as climate change education and climate justice, the benefits of connecting to nature, building a green workforce, protecting biodiversity, and centering equity in our work. Virtual and in-person booths supplemented the conference with information about each of the participants, amplifying our message and helping create a network of informed, environmentally conscious education specialists. 

NY Sun Works joined Alex Kudryavtsev of Cornell University and Chrissy Word of the City Parks Foundation to present on the topic of urban agriculture and how it can foster youth civic engagement.  NY Sun Works also held another presentation on our science and sustainability program and the STEM Hydroponic Kits. The NY Sun Works booth was a big hit, drawing visitors from across the country to learn about how hydroponic farming can be used for the teaching of science and critical climate topics.