This summer the Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program teamed up with Climate Generation and NOAA’s Climate Office to put on a virtual conference for educators called, the Stay-In-stitute for Climate Change Education. Educators from across the US attend this conference to learn new skills, access resources, and gain confidence to teach climate change and NY Sun Works was honored to be invited to provide a virtual workshop. The workshop sat within the Scientific and Social Solutions strand and focused on our approach to classroom sustainability. Close to 40 K-12 educators from across the country that teach science, social studies, ELA, math, and more learned about how our curriculum brings sustainability science into classrooms across New York City and how hydroponic technology is an important and valuable learning tool in our Greenhouse Classrooms. But the learning and fun didn’t end there! Workshop participants worked in small groups to design their own urban farms and make connections to the subjects that they teach. The 50 minutes flew by and were filled with lots of great questions from teachers, discussions in small groups and some unique and creative urban farm designs.

Here is an article from NOAA.