Students Share Science Research in NY Sun Works’ 11th Annual Discovering Sustainability Science Youth Conference

On Tuesday, May 24th, students from NY Sun Works’ partner schools came together virtually to share their science and environmental research at our 11th Annual Discovering Sustainability Science Youth Conference. A total of 68 student researchers, from kindergarten to 12th grade, shared their work. These research scholars presented their independent and collaborative projects to an audience of their peers, parents, and teachers across our 200 partner schools. Congratulations to all on a job well done! 

The students presented on a range of science and sustainability topics, including how ocean acidity affects plant health, the role of photosynthetic active radiation in plant growth, and how to grow food hydroponically. They also shared what they learned through their experiences in the hydroponic classroom:

“We learned that fresh produce can help bring a community together, and show students that fresh, nutritious food is just as good,” said students from Rachel Carson High School, whose project involved creating and advertising their own farmer’s market with food grown in their hydroponic systems. Students were also enthusiastic about how their greenhouse classrooms inspire them. “I believe that every school should have a greenhouse classroom,” Akaycia from Kennedy-King Elementary shared. “There are so many priceless educational benefits!”

Making the conference happen is a tremendous team effort. We’d like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors, Con Edison, Grodan, and New York Power Authority, for their financial support, as well as to the teachers, our video production team, and the amazing NY Sun Works staff, led by Becky on our Education Team, who did the hard work behind the scenes to make this event possible! Thank you! If you were not able to join on May 24th, please watch and share the Conference below: