Wrapping Up Home Hydroponic Kit Fundraiser – Thank You for Your Support

As we wrap up our Fall Home Hydroponic Kit campaign, we’re happy to share that we’ve delivered over 4,000 kits to public schools so far, with deliveries continuing through the fall.  And, thanks to the generosity of our NY Sun Works community, we were able to provide more than 3,100 kits at no cost to schools that need financial support due to COVID-related budget cuts.  If you’d like to help support the campaign, there’s still time!  Please click here to make a contribution.

The kits have met with resounding enthusiasm from teachers and students alike. “This feels like Christmas,” said one 8th grader at PS 122 in Queens on opening her kit.  Her teacher said the classroom was buzzing as the kits were handed out with students talking about the plants they’d be growing and how they’d care for their plants.  The kits and curriculum have been a lifesaver, she also shared, bringing joy and something to look forward to each day for students that have been struggling with remote learning and being stuck at home. 

Each kit costs only $12 and is designed to engage students with STEM topics they would otherwise learn in their Greenhouse Classrooms at school.  With teacher guidance and paired with our science lessons, students have the chance to grow, study, and run investigations while growing lettuce and other edible greens from home as well as practice observation, data collection, and other critical STEM skills. 

Be sure to keep an eye out on social media and in our next newsletter for photos of kids and their projects with the kits!