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Constantinides Unveils New Hydroponic Lab at I.S. 126

December 10, 2018

Council Member Costa Constantinides joined with educators and innovative science professionals to open a new hydroponic laboratory at I.S. 126, another major step in his Science 2050 budget initiative. A remarkable 11 schools in Council District 22 have received funding for NY Sun Works Greenhouse Classrooms since Constantinides took office in 2014.

“Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the careers of the future, which is why it’s important we give tomorrow’s leaders hands-on opportunities today,” said Council Member Constantinides, who also chairs the Committee on Environmental Protection. “I hope I.S. 126  students will greatly benefit from this lab, as students throughout our district will in generations to come. Thanks to New York Sun Works and the faculty of I.S. 126 for your partnership on this project.”

The Hydroponic Classrooms are a vital component to the Constantinides plan to embolden science education in his district’s public schools. The program allows students to grow plant life with a relatively low amount water and mineral solutions instead of soil. Not only do hydroponic labs offer hands-on biology education, they also teach students about agriculture, technology, and nutrition. Hydroponic labs also employ ladybugs rather than pesticides to protect plants.

Other schools benefiting from the Council members funding include: P.S. 122, P.S. 70, P.S. 17, P.S. 84, I.S. 141, Long Island City High School, P.S. 171, P.S. 85, Q300, and the Young Women’s Leadership School.

“The I.S. 126 community is very excited about the opening of our hydroponic lab,” said Alexander Angueira, principal of I.S. 126. “We are looking forward to the hands on experiences that the students will receive as well as the connection that it will give them to our environment. I’m happy that the students will be receiving hands on instruction that they will be able to use all their lives. We are hopeful that the lab will help our students become more environmentally conscious and put them on the path to becoming energy conserving citizens.”

All the guests were invited to harvest fresh greens to take home. The remainder of the harvest will be donated to Communities For Healthy Food for their Christmas Pantry.


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