Learning Center

The NY Sun Works Learning Center is a hub for teachers and educators that hosts the K-12 grade Discovering Sustainability Science curriculum, training videos, and other resources to teach in The Greenhouse Project classroom.The Learning Center has been designed to support your work as you implement the curriculum. We hope this tool makes your instruction much easier and helps you in your mission to instill passion and interest in learning.

Based on the progressive philosophy of learning through practice and experimentation, the curriculum uses the hydroponics systems installed in your classroom to connect science, environmental education and sustainability while covering the Common Core, Scope and Sequence and EfS science standards.

The combination of a hydroponics/aquaponics classroom set-up and project-based curricula creates meaningful learning experiences for students and has proven to be extremely engaging. In addition, studies have found clear evidence that environmental education programs like this one provide a variety of benefits, from improving academic performance to enhancing critical thinking skills and collaborative work. Studies have also shown an increase of civic engagement and positive attitudes and behaviors toward the environment.

With the NY Sun Works approach to science and sustainability education, we are helping students understand the complexity of environmental change. We are laying the groundwork on how students (and teachers) see their impact on the planet as they understand the implications of their global citizenship.