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Engaging in STEM and Science Learning: Preparing for All Potential Fall Learning Scenarios

August 10, 2020

As parents, educators and partners of the city school system, we understand the level of uncertainty schools are facing regarding reopening plans for the fall.  As an organization, NY Sun Works is committed to supporting schools during the coming year. Our priority is to continue providing the tools and resources to support our partner schools in delivering high quality and engaging science and sustainability education to students across the NYC metropolitan area.  We are currently planning three different options to support schools in the Greenhouse Classroom operations for the upcoming school year, but will continue adopting new solutions as the situation evolves:

  1. Students are partially back to school under conditions of social distancing: Hydroponic lab will follow all DOE protocols, lab systems will operate regularly (harvests can be distributed within the community).
  2. Teachers are back to school to teach from the classroom but students remain at home: Hydroponic lab systems will operate regularly (harvests can be distributed within the community).
  3. Teachers and students continue remote learning: NY Sun Works’ curriculum has been adapted to remote learning with the addition of Google Classroom slides, videos and home experiments. Additional supporting materials will be available by September.  Under this scenario, NY Sun Works will keep the hydroponic lab systems closed down with minimum maintenance requirements OR we can use the lab as a fully functioning urban farm for food production only. Harvests can be distributed within the school community or to others in need. We are currently implementing this model in two schools in Manhattan. Under the urban farm scenario, the lab systems will also operate regularly. 

Under any scenario, NY Sun Works is here to provide hands-on science and sustainability learning, whether students are in the classroom using the hydroponic systems or learning from home.  To facilitate distance learning and support our online curriculum, we can provide a Home Hydroponic Kit that can either be given to students at school, or NY Sun Works can help facilitate mailing of kits home if schools do not reopen in September.


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