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Using Principal’s Budget, PTA or Donor Funds

Principal Rodriguez, inspired by a thriving NY Sun Works Hydroponic Classroom at a nearby school, reached out to learn more. After discussing the program with the school staff, she decided to bring this innovative approach to her own elementary school.

Meeting with the NY Sun Works team, Principal Rodriguez explored program details and costs. With funding secured from the school’s budget, she arranged for a visit to assess the selected room’s suitability. After confirming the room had a functioning sink and the required number of electrical outlets, NY Sun Works designed a floor plan for the Hydroponic Classroom, which was promptly approved by Principal Rodriguez. Following the processing of the purchase order, installation began the next month. In-person teacher training, maintenance support, and curriculum integration sessions ensured a seamless transition into science classes that same school year. From initial contact to the start of operations, the entire process spanned just six weeks.

Applying for City Capital Funding

Excited about the potential of a Hydroponic Classroom, educator Mr. Davis secured his principal’s support and attended a NY Sun Works Information Session to explore the program further. Identifying that the school did not have an available room with a sink and sufficient electrical outlets, he collaborated with NY Sun Works to apply for capital funding from the school’s city council member and borough president in February 2022. With streamlined support from NY Sun Works, the application process was completed in only minutes.

Over the summer, the school received a capital grant, enabling a comprehensive room renovation and the implementation of the Hydroponic Classroom. Following meetings with NY Sun Works and the DOE-assigned project manager and general contractor, the school approved the floor plan and scope of work. Construction began the following winter, with the renovated room ready for use by the start of the new school year in September 2023. Despite the longer timeline associated with capital funding, it proved to be an ideal solution, facilitating both classroom construction and program funding for the hydroponic lab.


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