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Home Hydroponic Kit CURRICULUM Now Available

October 15, 2020

NY Sun Works previously shared information about our new Home Hydroponic Kit – designed to allow students, with teacher guidance to grow, study, and conduct experiments with plants from home or in the classroom. In addition to the Kits, we have been working on supports for our teachers to aid in teaching with the Kits. We are excited to share that the first set of lessons (including student-facing Google Slides) for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 are now available on NYSW’s Learning Center! Teachers with access to the Learning Center will find them at the top of the TEACH page, in the Home Hydroponic Kits section.

This first set of lessons do not require students to have the Kits, so can be used right away while you await your Kit delivery. These lessons aim to access prior knowledge and build excitement about growing plants at home through asking students to think about where their food comes from, plant parts, plant life cycles, data collection, and introducing hydroponic farming technology — how it works and how it allows us to grow food in urban areas.

The next set of lessons that DO require the Kits will be available NEXT WEEK, coinciding with the beginning of Kit delivery to schools. These lessons introduce students to growing plants with water and nutrients, how to track and collect data about plant growth and development, and how to care for the plants as they are growing.  If your school is still interested in requesting Home Hydroponic Kits, please go to this link:

The final set of lessons will be available by the end of October and introduce extended scientific investigations that can be set up with the remaining Kit materials. Note: students will need to collect additional materials depending on the investigation (e.g., recycled single-use plastic water bottles, string, chopsticks, or cardboard).

If you have any questions regarding curriculum support, please contact Hannah Jaris (

If you have any questions regarding proposals or pricing, please contact Megan Nordgrén (


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