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NY Sun Works Launches NEW Middle School Science and Sustainability Curriculum Aligned To The 2019 NYC Science Scope and Sequence and Amplify 

November 15, 2019

NY Sun Works Launches NEW Middle School Science and Sustainability Curriculum aligned to the 2019 NYC Science Scope and Sequence and Amplify 

Our middle school curriculum asks students to take charge of their own learning, become actively engaged in the NYSW mission, and develop a personal connection to their GHC. Students are invited to take on different roles — activists, engineers, researchers, scientists, botanists, etc — as they journey all over the globe and even into space in order to explore the plight of the planet and how scientists (like themselves) are fighting climate change and the problems it brings.

Our goal in creating the middle school program was to build upon and expand the themes introduced and explored in our elementary curriculum. And, like our elementary program, it is designed with two pathways (GHC Connect and Sustainability Extension) that uniquely complement the mandated curriculum. Our GHC Connect units are designed in lesson sets, typically trios, and augment the science units of study as they reinforce the standards being taught within that unit. Our Sustainability Extension (which arrives in spring 2020) is also designed in lesson sets, exposes students to current environmental concerns, and models sustainable solutions for living in a changing world. 

We continue to use investigations, NYSW Reports, project-based research challenges, and evidence-based debates to take students around the earth as they explore the issues facing our planet and deepening the climate change crisis. Students are asked to become leaders in real-time as they explore the potential cascade of small actions, combined with the power of communities, to combat and change the tides. 

With our new middle school program, the NY Sun Works education mission further empowers students to answer a call for action and to be part of the solution. We believe that students who learn from our curriculum turn into life-long, data-based, progessive scientists who display agency and independence.


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