Becky Higgins

Professional Learning Manager

Becky is passionate about creating equitable access to environmental education for youth and citizens.
As a former urban science educator and science content specialist for Johns Hopkins University, Becky has developed a deep passion for expanding access to scientific knowledge and advocacy opportunities for all. Becky has conducted research on white shark migration while working in Mossel Bay, South Africa and on pilot whale communication at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Becky was also a Teach for America corps member, and she and her students were awarded an Official Citation by the Secretary of the State of Connecticut for their work to ban fracking waste from the state of Connecticut. Becky also joined Cyan Planet, an organization that creates virtual reality experiences to increase ethos for our oceans and the environment, and has worked with the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University with their Eco Ambassadors program to build partnerships between students and the private sector. Throughout her research, teaching, and nonprofit experiences, Becky has remained fully committed to providing equitable access to climate change and sustainability education, conservation, and leadership opportunities for youth and citizens. Becky continues to center her work on expanding environmental knowledge and advocacy to all; amplifying opportunities for youth through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. Becky received her Bachelor of Science from Cornell University where she studied biology, marine science, and education and holds a Master of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins University.