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PS 158 in Brooklyn Unveils NY Sun Works Hydroponic Farm Classroom with Local Leaders

February 11, 2022

A NY Sun Works Hydroponic Farm Classroom is officially open at PS 158 Warwick Elementary School in Brooklyn! Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, City Council Member Sandy Nurse, and District Superintendent Tamra Collins, joined Principal Towles and partner NY Sun Works, to unveil the hydroponic classroom.

The PS 158 NY Sun Works farm classroom was funded by former Brooklyn Borough President, and now NYC Mayor, Eric Adams as part of his initiative to improve STEM education and access to nutritious food by investing in the next generation of scientists, climate leaders and farmers of the future. Throughout his tenure as borough president, Eric Adams funded a total of 74 hydroponic classrooms in Brooklyn public schools.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries stated, “What a blessing to be able to see this combination of understanding the importance of our climate and of nature, but also of…healthy eating. I look forward to doing everything I can in my capacity as your representative in Washington to make sure that all children get the highest quality of education possible so that they can be anything and everything that they want to be.”

While emphasizing the value of a true partnership, Manuela Zamora, Executive Director of NY Sun Works added, “We are honored to work with Principal Towles and her team at PS 158 to bring 21st century science and sustainability education into the public school classroom. The hydroponic lab will provide students with the opportunity to grow food while learning hands-on about science and climate education as well as nutrition, food justice and community service.”

“The mission of P.S. 158K is to provide a collaborative environment between school, home and the community that will develop rigorous academic achievement, promoting critical thinking and supporting the social and emotional needs of our students to become global thinkers of the
future. Aligning with District 19’s commitment to STEM education, the Hydroponic Lab opens the door for our students to explore, create and develop innovative ideas to develop solutions around providing healthy food choices for students and families in our community.

Thank you, Mayor Adams, for your support to ensure our students at PS158K and District 19 have the STEM resources they need to become global thinkers of the future. The seed you have sown in their lives today will bear much fruit for their future. Thank you NY Sunworks for
your partnership to support our Hydroponic Lab,” added Principal Towles.

D19 Superintendent Dr. Tamra Collins stated, “District 19 is committed to ensuring its students are provided with all the real world experiences and opportunities that STEM education has to offer. Our district acknowledges the importance of tapping into a child’s natural curiosity, creativity and innovation in order to ensure the development of their critical thinking skills. We work collaboratively across the district to make it a reality. Thank you, Mayor Adams for your continued support in ensuring District 19 students have access to state of the art STEM tools and resources. Your efforts ensure that these children will be the generation of innovators
equipped with the skills, passion, and opportunities to change the world!”

The hydroponic classroom at PS 158 is more than an urban farm as it brings the Pre-K through 5th grade community together. Students in Pre-K – 5th grade will explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) + sustainability topics while growing food with cutting-edge technology. The average NY Sun Works hydroponic classroom produces more than 500 pounds of vegetables per school year!

“A hydroponics garden is going to be familiar to these young kids forever in their lives, something that I had never seen or thought of in my time. What we need to do is continue to do that work. … I’m just so grateful that Eric Adams as borough president helped do this – I hope that I can match that type of energy and that effort and that investment, and that I continue to
help. … You will have a partner in me, and I’m looking forward to this long-term relationship where, again, we expect more of our children and we get more from our children,” stated Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso.


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