Project Overview

The Greenhouse Project is dedicated to improving K through 12 grade Environmental Science Education in urban schools through integrated facilities, hands-on curriculum, and professional development.

Our Greenhouse Classroom Labs offer students the opportunity to grow food, while learning hands-on about nutrition, water resource management, efficient land use, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, contamination, pollution, waste management, and sustainable development.

PS333 Green Roof, Location: New York City

To facilitate this hands-on learning environment, the Greenhouse Project lab can include solar panels, hydroponic growing systems, a fish farm, a rainwater catchment system, a weather station, integrated pest management and a vermicomposting station.

The lab operates as an integrated part of the school’s curricula and prepares children to exceed NYC’s science standards.

In addition to enhancing a school’s science curriculum, the greenhouse lab greatly enriches arts and social studies by connecting nature to culture. Students learn the relationship between humans and the environment and gain a greater appreciation of sustainable development and its direct relationship to cultural diversity.

Learn more about the curriculum here.