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The Harvard Business School Club of NY at the High School for Climate Justice

April 11, 2024

This month, we were joined by an exciting group of guests from our long-time partners at the Harvard Business School Club of NY (HBSCNY) for a tour of the Hydroponic Classroom at the High School for Climate Justice! Joined by representatives on our Board of Directors, and guided by students at the Manhattan high school, members of the HBSCNY were able to get a closer look at the cutting edge urban farming technology that powers our partner schools’ Hydroponic Classrooms, and explore how students have been growing crops from seed to harvest and diving deeper into sustainability science. 

The lab’s various systems were looking beautiful and lush, a testament to the hard work of students who have truly immersed themselves in the role of Farmer Scientists. As part of the tour, guests were able to join in on a hydroponic harvest, helping students pick leafy greens and fresh veggies from the vine. They were also collecting beautiful, bright orange marigold petals to dehydrate and use in salads!  Afterwards, students and guests prepared a healthy snack from the harvest, with some even choosing to bag up their green goodies and take them home! Of course, after every harvest comes the sowing of new seeds, so together, attendees planted the next harvest in rockwool before departing for the evening. 

We are proud to have had the support of the HBSCNY for the past several years, as a recipient of the HBSCNY Gold Leadership Award, and recent participants in their Community Partner Leadership Award program. We are thankful to have wonderful partner organizations and schools alike who are excited to get to work in the hydroponic classroom, reinvigorating their passion for STEM and climate education.

Thank you once again to all the members of HBSCNY who joined us at the High School for Climate Justice, as well as to the students who displayed their mastery over urban farming and passion for hands-on learning. We’re incredibly grateful to partner with organizations who understand the urgency of our mission, and the importance of providing meaningful climate education opportunities to the next generation of New Yorkers. Change starts in the classroom, and we can’t imagine a better way to rekindle the joy of learning than surrounding young people with supportive leaders who are willing to show up with feet on the ground to make it happen. Together, we can bring nature and quality education into every NYC classroom! 


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