Discovering Sustainability Science

Our Annual Youth Conference offers a platform for students to share their scientific creativity while celebrating the Greenhouse Project. The Greenhouse Project promotes urban sustainability through science education and approaches Sustainability Science by studying the interaction between humans, technology, and the environment.

“It’s about the environment, because if we don’t have the environment, we like, will be extinct,”

—Olivia, 2nd grade

The NY Sun Works youth conference is presented in 2 one hour sessions

Session 1: Building Sustainable Cities: Students present research focused on design and architecture, sustainable building materials and urban planning.

Session 2: Building a Sustainable Future: Students present research focused on urban farming, feeding a growing population, food systems, and ocean conservancy.

Participating Schools and Organizations

Past conferences have had over 30 student groups from NY Sun Works partner schools across the metro area and special guests presenting to live audiences of over 400 and simulcast streaming audiences of hundreds more.

Past presenters have featured student-proposed solutions ranging from how to capture carbon while encouraging plant growth, to combining and balancing multiple ecosystems and creating energy audits for large commercial spaces.

Special guest organizations have included: +Pool,, Eco-Schools USA, MPOWERD, American Museum of Natural History, Dickson Despommier of The Vertical Farm, and Viraj Puri of Gotham Greens.

“The Youth Conference didn’t change these kids’ day. And it didn’t change their week. It changed their lives.”

—Josh, 6th Grade Science Teacher

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