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SAVE THE DATE: 5.18.20 – NY Sun Works Youth Conference: Discovering Sustainability Science

February 20, 2020

The ninth annual NY Sun Works Discovering Sustainability Science Youth Conference offers a platform for students to share their scientific creativity while celebrating their
accomplishments as a part of The Greenhouse Project this school year.

We bring together 5th – 12th grade students, educators, innovators, and political figures  to explore the interaction between humans, technology and the environment.

As we prepare for this year’s conference, we invite you to take a closer look at the amazing student work from the 2019 conference:

Ocean Acidity: A Global Problem – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Actress Stephanie Hsu at the NY Sun Works Youth Conference
Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul: A message to the students participating in the Youth Conference
NYPA CEO Gil Quinones: Leading the Effort in Responding to Climate Change
Re-Nuble CEO Tinia Pina: Reducing the Gap Between Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers
If You Love the Ocean Make a Commotion! – PS 199 Jessie Isador Straus
The Effect of Carbonic Acid on Blue Mussel Shells – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Trash Clean Up & Ocean Protection: Student-made Sustainability Apps – Edward R. Murrow HS
PS199 Recycling Rebels: Putting Plastic In Its Place – PS 199 Jessie Isador Straus
The Sustainable Benefits of Growing Your Own Food – Edward R. Murrow High School
Carbonic Acid Impact On Mussells’ Mass – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
The Wick Hydroponic Growing System – PS 84 Jose de Diego
Sustainability at CAS: Our Earth, Our Communities – City-As-School High School
No Rockwool? No Problem! – PS 377 Alejandrina B. De Gautier
Using Science To Make Our World A Better Place – PS 121 Nelson A. Rockefeller
Bioplastics From Organic Waste: Replace Petroleum-based Plastics – Edward R. Murrow High School
Draughts: Causes And Effects – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Making Our Own NFT System: Challenges and Solutions – PS 84 Jose de Diego
Effect of Thermotherapy on the Shelf-Life of Strawberries! – St. Saviour High School
Growing Vegetables in Our Classroom: Sharing with Our Community – PS 233 Langston Hughes
Magnetism And Its Effects On Plant Growth – St. Saviour High School
Sustainable Materials: A Guide for Sustainable Building – PS 333 Manhattan School for Children
Natural And Effective Ways to Absorb Contaminants From Water – Edward R. Murrow High School
Our Path to A Zero Waste School – Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School
Hope For Our Planet, A Poem by Mary Israel – St. Saviour High School
Kenji Williams, Founder, Director, Composer and Violinist – BELLA GAIA: Beautiful Earth



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