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2021 Conference

Welcome Remarks
Frankyana Merizier: Vitamin C and the Magical Beanstalk
Summer Ng: How My Little Red Beans Grow at Different Temperatures
Allison Lebowitz, Rose Fiordaliso: The Stacey Show: Do Plants Need Sunlight?
Kalem Dawson: The Effect of Environment on Plant Growth
Sophia Wang: The Magical Water
Niamh Werner, Daisey Marciano, Daniela Rusconi, Charlotte Fink: The Effects of Location on Bean Development
Anna Greenhouse: The Effect of Various Levels of Water Temperature on Plant Growth
Daniella Piper:
Chief Transformation Officer and Regional Manager, Western New York, NY Power Authority
Lucas Zhang, Andrew Gutierrez: The Benefits of Hydroponic Farming
Madeline Schaffner: The Effect of Magnesium Sulfate on Growth Rate of Algal Culture
Luke Robinson: Soil Science, Developing a NYSW Investigation 
Deanthony Anderson: Growing My Own Food Indoors
Bryant Leonor: Which brand of battery creates the least environmental waste?
Laila Mansour: Microplastics: Small in Size but Big in Impact
Faith Grant: Hydroponics Science is Fun
Danielle Corbin: 6th Grade Science and Urban Gardening Teacher, South Bronx Early College Academy
Youth Conference
Photo Contest Winners
Isabelle Duperval: The Effects of Nutrient Concentration on Kale Growth
Frangilis Valerio: Dee Dee’s Science Project
Gillian Galvin: How Caffeine Effects the Growth of Basil
Angel Izraael: Hydroponic Kit, Greenhouse Exploration
Samantha Belford: The Effect of Bacteria Growth With Different Animal Genes
Ferdinand Mensah, Tyler McDougald: Hydroponics Explorations
Sibelle Guiterrez Martinez: That’s Berry Expensive
Emily Kingston: I Love Hydroponics Science
Honorable Mentions
Angelia Lubrano: How Bleach Affects the Growth of Pansy Plants
Olivia Mansour: Hydroponics vs. Soil
Sienna Mastroviti: A Greasy Situation
Taylor Cole: What’s Up, Sugar
Kann Grogan: The Battle Between Olive Oil and Black Eyed Peas
Allie Giordano: Coo Coo for Coconuts
Closing Remarks


East Orange STEM Academy • Edward R. Murrow High School • New York Harbor School • PS 176 The Ovington School • PS 219 Kennedy-King Elementary • PS 333 The Manhattan School for Children • St. Saviour High School • West End Secondary School


Daniella Piper

Daniella Piper is the Regional Manager in New York Power Authority’s Western Region, anchored by the Authority’s largest hydroelectric facility – the Niagara Power Project. She is also the Authority’s Chief Transformation Officer, providing leadership to select transformational initiatives, utilizing her extensive experience in leading the Digital Transformation Office.

Prior to this, Daniella was Chief of Staff & Vice President, Digital Transformation Office at the Authority, charged with driving the implementation of strategic initiatives by leveraging technology and building strong relationships with NYPA staff at all levels and external partners. As Chief of Staff, she acted as a trusted advisor to NYPA’s President and CEO, and facilitated interdepartmental dialogue, ensuring greater cohesion and alignment within the organization. Responding to the national social upheaval of the past year, Ms. Piper led the Working Group tasked with the development of NYPA’s 10-Point Diversity Equity and Inclusion Plan.

Danielle Corbin

Danielle Corbin is a proud Bajan American, Brooklyn (E.N.Y) native, who teaches 6th Grade Science and Urban Gardening at South Bronx Early College Academy. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and her Master’s degree in Childhood Education. Growing up encountering many students during her adult teaching, who have struggled or fell through the cracks with many tools they could have learned in Elementary to High School has driven her love for aiding and developing children. These encounters, as well as noticing the lack of empathy and socio-emotional learning in children from their home and school environments has motivated her to want to provide students with the tools they need.

Her mission is to make the connection between everything children learn and how it applies to the real world. “Children can gain a sense of autonomy and a sense of health and wellness through education. Even if that’s through urban gardening, the sciences, or whatever they study, it can help them flourish in their day to day lives. Children have no idea the impact they can make on the world with the things they learn in their environment. The Universe orchestrated this journey; I am a thankful passenger who is looking forward to the future.”


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