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November 2022 Astoria Queens Energy Tech High School Welcomes New Hydroponic Classroom

November 2022

BronxNews12: Bronx School Celebrates Thanksgiving with Hydroponic Harvest, Thanks to Sun Club Grant

News 12's Kurt Semder sits down with Dr. Dia Bryant, the executive director of the Education Trust New York, about the latest state math and reading test results.

November 2022

BKReader: NY Sun Works Opens New Hydroponic Farm Classroom in East Flatbush

Students enrolled in the NY Sun Works program are more likely to score higher on the 4th grade science achievement test scores, according data acquired by the nonprofit.

September 2022

HarlemWorld: NY Sun Works Awarded $25,000 Grant To Support Climate Education Thru Urban Farming From Harlem To Hollis

NY Sun Works announced that it has been awarded a $25,000 grant by the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to provide high-quality, climate and environmental science education to public school students. The grant will provide additional resources to implement hydroponic farming technology at each school as well as comprehensive teacher training for science educators.

May 2022

NBCNewYork: The 1st Hydroponic Farm Inside a NYCHA Queens Community Center

Young people in one Queens community are getting a special hands-on after-school lesson in farming at the first hydroponic farm inside a New York City Housing Authority community center.  The Astoria Houses has a very special urban farming program for elementary and middle school students.

April 2022

NBCNewYork: Bronx Students Learn to Grow Food Smarter and More Sustainably

A Bronx school classroom is bustling with life, and we’re not just talking about all the plants. The students are excited because they’re learning how to grow food sustainably — and are getting to eat their homework. NBC New York’s Gilma Avalos reports.

April 2022

Fox5NY: Hands-on Hydroponic Farming Taught in NYC Special Education High Schools

Jarule Boapeah is one of 16 special-needs students at Q721 public high school in Elmhurst, Queens, learning all about hydroponic farming — right inside the classroom. "I love to see plants growing — I feel proud," the 12th grader said through a special communication device. 

January 2022

MENAFN: PS 158 Warwick in Brooklyn Celebrates the Official Opening of their Hydroponic Classroom with Rep. Jeffries

PS 158 staff, elected officials, NY Sun Works staff, and students Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and first grade students. We harvested 14 lbs of vegetables for students to take home! A NY Sun Works Hydroponic Farm Classroom is officially open at PS 158 Warwick Elementary School in Brooklyn, NYC.

November 2021

NY1: Family Day at NY Sun Works Pop-Up at Astor Place!

NY1 Visited the wonderful and green NY Sun Works Pop-Up at Astor Place!

October 2021

NBCNewYork: Using Plants and Farming to Teach NYC Students About Climate Change

Students at a school in Harlem are learning about climate change through hydroponic farming. NBC New York’s John Chandler reports.

February 2021

HechingerReportOpinion: Why School Shutdowns are a Disaster for Science Classes

Despite mounting evidence that schools are not turning out to be major incubators or vectors of  Covid-19 transmission, New York City shut down its public school system in November. Such closures have a disastrous impact on education in STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and math. Science in particular is extremely hands-on and almost impossible to grasp virtually.  

December 2020

BronxFreePress: Planting in the Pandemic – NY Sun Works Delivers STEM Hydroponic Kits to Students

No soil, no problem. Hydroponic growing systems use a mineral-based solution to nourish plants. Because no soil is needed, the kits are ideal for use in smaller space and urban environments. They also served as an ideal opportunity to bring science home for students working through the pandemic.

September 2020

WikiEzvid: 6 Forward-Thinking Groups Using Farming in Education

With climate change and global economic restructuring threatening supply chains and the whole system of commodity food production, agricultural education has become more important than ever. Most schools, however, are not equipped to teach the basics of farming. Fortunately, a number of independent programs have emerged to provide both children and adults with instruction to begin harvesting their own food and tending to the land.

March 2020

NMUNews: Northern Michigan University Launches Indoor Agriculture Program with NY Sun Works

Northern Michigan University will launch a new, multidisciplinary indoor agriculture associate degree this fall. The program will prepare students for careers in medicinal plant and agricultural food production, as well as the indoor growing system industry. It will also empower them to grow plants year-round in northern climates, addressing potential food insecurity issues.

March 2020

NationalHerald: PS 85 Queens Judge Charles J. Vallone School Opens New Hydroponic Science Lab

A new hydroponic science lab is officially open at P.S. 85 Queens- The Judge Charles J. Vallone School- as educators, elected officials, leadership from the New York Power Authority, and the team at New York Sun Works unveiled the state-of-the-art educational tool on March 10.


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