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December 2017 Astoria Students Will Grow Vegetables and Learn About Sustainability with Hydroponic Science Labs

Students at Astoria‘s P.S. 122 will grow their own vegetables in class with the help of two hydroponic science labs that will also serve to teach students about agriculture, biology, technology and sustainability. Councilman Costa Constantinides allocated $160,000 through discretionary funding to help build the labs in an elementary and middle school class at P.S. 122. In a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Dec. 8, the classroom labs, constructed by New York Sun Works, were unveiled.

December 2017

AKTINA TV: New Hydroponic Science Lab Celebrated at PS 122 with Councilmember Constantinides

February 2017

2017 Highlight: Rooftop Greenhouse Brings Lettuce and Learning to Edward R. Murrow High School

February 2017

2017 Highlight: Harvard Business School Club of NY Awards $25,000 Prize to NY Sun Works

February 2016

2016 Highlight: NY Sun Works Teacher Honored at White House with Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators

Tribeca resident Shakira Provasoli was treated to a once-in-a-lifetime field trip to the White House last week, where the public-school teacher was honored with the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators in recognition of a ground breaking curriculum she developed to support her uptown school’s greenhouse learning center.

February 2015

2015 Highlight: Letters to Ban Ki-moon: Fifth-Graders Write to UN About Climate Change

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been very busy, but not too busy to make time to meet the fifth graders who wrote to him asking him to find solutions to the universal challenge of climate change. Today, Mr. Ban will talk to them about what the UN is doing to tackle this issue, and what they can do themselves to clean up our planet and ensure the well-being of generations to come.

February 2015

2015 Highlight: Summer School for Teachers: Learn How to Bring Sustainability Initiatives to Your Classroom

December 2012

2012 Highlight: Explore A Rooftop Living Classroom with PBS

Greenworks science barge and greenhouse in Yonkers, NY inspired a group of parents to build a greenhouse on top of their kids public school--PS333--on the upper West side of Manhattan. Watch science teacher Shakira share their vision for rooftop classrooms of the future in this beautiful segment on rooftop greenhouses as living science labs in urban environments.

February 2010

2010 Highlight: NYTimes – On a School Rooftop, Hydroponic Greens for Little Gardeners

Shakira Castronovo stood in a classroom at the Manhattan School for Children on West 93rd Street on a recent afternoon and hushed a squirming group of kindergartners perched around a blue carpet. “Where do you think I picked this?” she asked, pinching a leafy-looking thing between her index finger and thumb. “It was picked fresh just few minutes ago.”

February 2010

2010 Highlight: NYTimes – Turning Asphalt Into Edible Education

When Celia Kaplinsky, a Brooklyn elementary school principal, visited a schoolyard garden project in Berkeley, Calif., a few years ago to see if it could work back home, something impressed her more than the lush rows of tomatoes and cucumbers.


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