Crop Calendar Contest Now Accepting Submissions!

We have loved seeing teachers across our partner schools using their Class Crop Calendars to keep track of their harvest cycles and engage students in learning in farm classrooms across the NY metro area. Starting January 4th, we are launching our first Crop Calendar Contest where teachers in NY Sun Works partner farm classrooms can use their Class Crop Calendars to win fabulous prizes including an entire classroom’s worth of our acclaimed STEM Hydroponic Kits!

Submissions should include: 1) One, clear photo of your Crop Calendar by itself, 2) Two to three photos or one video of students utilizing their calendar as part of classroom studies, which could include anything from data collection to harvest day! As we’d love to shout out more than just our winners on social media, each student featured in these photos and videos should have either a DOE or NY Sun Works media release form signed and submitted as part of their class’ entry. This contest will run until the end of February, with prizes being awarded soon thereafter! 

To enter our Crop Calendar Contest, you must be a NY Sun Works Partner Teacher and email your class’ entry to with the subject line “Crop Calendar Contest”. Submissions should include all of the above requirements (1 clear crop calendar photo, 2-3 photos or 1 video of the calendar in action, and signed media release forms for all participating students) to be considered. We look forward to seeing all your hard work and are excited to share it with our community! 

You can download our NY Sun Works media release forms using the link below.