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We are hiring!

We continue to grow and are looking for someone to join our team as we build greenhouse classrooms, teach educators and students about the science of sustainability, and connect with the communities we serve.

Director of Development and Communications

We are looking for a Director of Development and Communications to lead fundraising, donor engagement and storytelling efforts for our organization. He/she will create and implement fundraising strategies to support the organization’s work. This professional must have an established background in coordinating nonprofit donation strategies.

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Come and learn with us!

NY Sun Works is incredibly fortunate to have passionate and engaging interns working with us on all aspects of our programming. Some assist with maintaining our science laboratories and supporting our partner school teachers, while others work behind the scenes, helping with graphic design for our curriculum and event materials

For more information about our internships please contact Dave Hazan

NY Sun Works is offering internships and volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

Greenhouse Project Maintenance Internship

Volunteer positions are open to current college students and recent graduates.

Our internships require a minimum commitment of 12 hours per week spread out over no less than three sessions per week. Volunteerships are unpaid at this time, however, many students can earn academic credit for their time at NY Sun Works, or can receive one Unlimited Monthly MetroCard for each month of their internship. The right candidates must: show an interest in urban agriculture, have basic construction skills, and be NYC-based.

Our volunteer responsibilities include: – basic hydroponic systems operation (pH + EC monitoring, plant pest management on NFT, Dutch bucket, and vertically-integrated hydro systems) – basic aquaponics operation (water quality tracking, system cleaning, fish health assessment and feeding) – growing space upkeep (sweeping, cleaning and sterilizing equipment, picking up spills and water leak puddles) – teacher assistance (working with young students to help seed, harvest, and perform their greenhouse tasks — help support the teacher in whichever way is needed)

The school-year volunteers are primarily responsible for assisting our project partner teachers in maintaining their growing spaces. Volunteers work anywhere from 12-15 hours a week, depending on their availability.

All Greenhouse volunteers will receive lab training.

We will prioritize candidates who are eligible for work-study through an institution.

To Apply

Please tell us about yourself!

The framework of your response can be any medium that you feel best portrays who you are. Please do not email video attachments.

Please send your response along with a cover letter outlining your availability and your interest in the internship, your willingness to commit 3 months minimum with at least ten hours logged per week, at least 2 references, and your resume to Dave Hazan, Greenhouse Systems Manager, at

If you are selected, you will need to submit fingerprints and pass a criminal background check through the NYC DOE PETS roster.

Previous Interns & Volunteers


  • Elisa Barón – Development Support
  • Tara Pagano Taub – Office Intern
  • John Feigner – Greenhouse Intern
  • La-rissa Espinoza – Greenhouse Intern
  • Maria Korolkova  – Greenhouse Intern
  • Nick Wendell – Greenhouse Intern
  • Megan Rogers – Greenhouse Intern


  • Regina Bellows – Greenhouse Intern
  • Amira Rosenbush – Greenhouse Intern
  • Paul Cowling – Greenhouse Intern/ Curriculum Development
  • Alexandra Pisano – Greenhouse Intern
  • Dong Ngo – Greenhouse Intern
  • Motali Sofer-Greer – Greenhouse Intern
  • Bryan Comras – Greenhouse Intern


  • Sarah Roesli – Office Intern
  • Stacey Sternberg – Greenhouse Intern
  • Luca Ciardossin – Greenhouse Intern
  • Dorothy Morganna – Greenhouse Intern
  • Yota Oue – Greenhouse Intern
  • Oliver Pulver — Greenhouse Intern
  • Melissa Arias – Greenhouse Intern
  • Jhared Edwards – Greenhouse Intern
  • Rachel Baichoo – Greenhouse Intern
  • Dong Ngo – Greenhouse Intern
  • Motali Sofer-Greer –  Greenhouse Intern


  • Melissa Arias – Greenhouse Intern
  • Rio Caster — Greenhouse Intern
  • Sarah de Falco — Apprentice
  • Rose Fico — Greenhouse Intern
  • Aiden Gelblum — Apprentice
  • Prasanna Malla — Greenhouse Intern
  • Denise Negrillo — Apprentice
  • Yota Oue – Greenhouse Intern
  • Oliver Pulver — Greenhouse Intern
  • Nick Strelov — Greenhouse Intern


  • Lisa Horwitz — Office Intern
  • Jorge Burgos — Greenhouse Intern
  • Josh Brosnan — Greenhouse Intern
  • Kevin Olson — Greenhouse Intern
  • Maishah Salam — Greenhouse Intern
  • Aiden Gelblum — Greenhouse Intern
  • Matt Weissberg — Apprentice
  • Sarah de Falco — Apprentice


  • Ilvania Mendoza — Office Intern
  • Lisa Horwitz — Office Intern
  • Karl Nicoleau — Greenhouse Intern
  • Gabriela Krol — Greenhouse Intern
  • Jasmine Holder — Greenhouse Intern
  • August Brennan — Greenhouse Intern


  • Ilvania Mendozia — New York Institute of Technology, Graphic Design
  • Lisette Tiburcio — SUNY Morrisville, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Angela Chang — Greenhouse maintenance
  • Eugene Stumpf — VP at Equator, LLC, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Savanna Puckett — Kold College, Denmark, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Elina Lumbroso — Science-Po, Lyon, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Camille Davis — McGill, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Lis del Carmen — Graduated, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Ross Youmans — Graduated, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Roger Liao — New York Institute of Technology, PR
  • Victoria Lasisi —New York Institute of Technology, Graphic Design


  • Jessica Jardinel — New York Institute of Technology, Graphic Design
  • Chris Beatty — The New School/Parsons, Graphic Design & Greenhouse maintenance
  • Rosie Eatwell-White — University of London, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Ben Leer — Graduated, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Talia Calnek-Sugin — Williams College, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Matt Fulton Uc — Berkeley, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Jacob Kim — Graduated, Teaching Assistant
  • Barrie Cohen — Graduated, Greenhouse maintenance
  • Umme Honey — Bronx Lab High School, Teaching Assistant
  • Dana Bourne — Columbia University, Teaching Assistant
  • Dana Foligno — Graduated,Teaching Assistant
  • Devin Malbreaux — Bronx Lab High School, Teaching Assistant