2022 Conference

This year’s conference is sponsored by:

On Tuesday, May 24th, NY Sun Works will host our 11th Annual Discovering Sustainability Science Youth Conference! Students from our 190 partner schools in NYC and the metro area will come together virtually to present their independent science and environmental research and celebrate their scientific achievements. This event brings together 1st-12th grade students, educators, scientists, and innovators to explore the interaction between human behavior, the use of technology, and the impacts on the environment. It will stream three times throughout the day to our audience of students, educators, and parents in the NY Metro area.  See program details below!

A very special thank you to all the schools participating in this year’s conference:

P721K – Brooklyn Occupational Training Center • PS 219 Kennedy-King Elementary • Edward R. Murrow High School • IAM High School • St. Saviour High School • PS 333 The Manhattan School for Children • Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies • PS84 Jose de Diego • 75 Morton • West End Secondary School • MS 890 • PS K004

Youth Conference Program Lineup

Welcome Remarks | 10:00am •  1:00pm •  7:00pm

Segment 1: Student investigations about how plants grow and what impacts plant growth and development over time | 10:08am • 1:08pm • 7:08pm

Samaina Delva: Can plants in our Greenhouse Classroom grow without nutrients? 
Simranjit Kaur, Kaden Richardson, Rani Soleyn, and Joel Stewart: PAR mapping the NFT for optimal
Jolette Licona: The Effects of Tilapia Diet on Plant Growth
Kann Grogan: Olive Oil & Black Eyed Peas: Friend or Foe?
Isabel Holmes, Tessa Leaf, Elin Menge, and Carolina Sheehan: How Does Ocean Acidity Affect Plants?
Olivia Mansour: Does Mosquito Repellent Harm Plants?
Nadia Durant: Can the Lettuce Plant Grow Without Light For a Long Period?

Kedaar Raman (Guest Speaker): Electrical Engineer and Director of Corporate Strategy at the New York Power Authority

Segment 2: Student projects about taking action and having  a positive impact on the environment in their homes, at schools, and in their communities | 10:35am • 1:35pm • 7:35pm

Nayla Garcia and Ziaire Powell: Bottle Water: Is it Worth It?
Sienna Mastroviti: A Greasy Situation: The Effect of Marine Oil on Plants
James Driscoll, Jack Papalia, and Franciszek Franek Kasprzycki-Rosikoń: The Lean, Green Energy Machine
Emily Landis: The Effectiveness of Different Types of Absorbents on Oil Collection 
The Students of PS K004: Let’s Build, So Hands-On, Recycle with a Purpose!
Sheldan Clerge, Kayla Thaxton, and Idan Shina: High Tide Harvest: Student Run Organic Farming in a Coastal Community
Caterina Cirone: Water You Doing With Pollution?

Tinia Pina (Guest Speaker): Founder and CEO of Re-Nuble 

Segment 3: Student innovations designed for the future of farming. Students will share the creative hydroponic systems that they designed, built, and grew crops from both in their classrooms and at home | 11:05am • 2:05pm • 8:05pm

Emma Hendrickson: Making My Own Passive Hydroponic Kit
Zack Berman, Olive Rivera-Cudd, Evie Lee, Phoebe Nosanchuk, and Ila
Oblad: Do’s and Dont’s of Hydroponics
Tasniah Nawrin: Learn at School and Grow at Home!
Kat Van Der Meer: Hydroponic Design Challenge
Hannah Mize Bonamarte, Charlotte Chan, Jordan Citron, Sami Greenbaum, and Addison Vasquez: Seed to Plate
Akaycia McKay: I Believe Every School Should Have A Greenhouse Classroom!

Honorable Mentions11:15am • 2:15pm • 8:15pm

Nalani Morris, Noah Patterson, and Alexa Quevedo: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hydroponics
Allie Giordano: The Effect of Refined & Unrefined Cocos Nucifera on Ocimum Basilicum
Angelia Lubrano: The Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite on Basil Plants
Antonella Venetian: The Effect of Wood Ash on Basil
Laila Mansour: Microplastics: small in size but BIG in impact

Information for Teachers

NY Sun Works Partner School Teachers who wish to participate and register can do so through the Learning Center or by using the form below.

Please be sure to download these documents for parental permission, as well as guidelines on how to create and submit a video presentation: